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Vintage Thunderbird and Kachina Aluminum Bracelet and Pendant Set

Vintage Thunderbird and Kachina Aluminum Bracelet and Pendant Set

SKU: 21354654

Circa 1930s or 1940s this fabulous aluminum and faux stone bracelet and pendant set (no chain) has thunderbird, arrow, sunrise and other symbols pressed into each aluminum section as well as an intricate raised area at the center of each. Both the pendant and the middle panel of the bracelet are backed with metal filigree, on top of which is an ivory color square that may be natural shell or early plastic (there is a natural curve like shell, to each), on top of which is an additional aluminum piece cut to the shape of an arrowhead on the pendant, and a kachina or figure on the bracelet. Each is also set with a faux turquoise (plastic?), an oval on the bracelet and a teardrop on the pendant. The pendant’s teardrop has the remnants of red and black paint. There are impressed marks on the bracelet clasp which may be part of a worn maker’s mark. The top left corner of the filigree on the pendant is slightly bent under, the faux stone at the center of the pendant is slightly askew. The ivory color piece on the bracelet has what appears to be a small dot of aluminum to the right of the faux stone, as if a filing fell and stuck to the piece (very small, see photos) the bottom of the kachina figure is slightly pushed up, or was not cut straight when made. Those are the only flaws I see in this amazing vintage set! 


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